We are excited to announce that the business networks Protect the Flows and Change the Course have merged to form an integrated Business for Water Stewardship platform under the leadership of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF).

Please visit www.businessforwater.org for our new website.

Why did we merge?
Rivers, communities, and businesses face ever-mounting pressures from climate change, prolonged drought, population growth, and over allocation and inefficient use of water resources. Both Protect the Flows and Change the Course have been working with the business and corporate community during the past 5 years to build a water-secure future. The Business for Water Stewardship (BWS) platform aligns the activities of both networks to more effectively leverage business participation and influence to address key water challenges affecting economies, communities and rivers across North America. Our combined efforts ensure that companies benefit from our expansive set of solutions in the most efficient and strategic way.

What services do we provide as an integrated platform?
We provide a “one stop shopping” experience for businesses, large or small, to engage in water stewardship activities in the U.S. Business for Water Stewardship will continue to leverage the assets of the Change the Course campaign, BEF’s Water Restoration Certificates and Restoration Projects, Protect the Flows’ Business of Water Summits and Protect the Flows’ Smart Water Policy strategies. Our core activities include:


We enable corporations to balance their water footprint by restoring water to benefit rivers, communities and ecosystems.


We use a collective business voice to influence smart water policy outcomes that will protect rivers and build vibrant economies.


We facilitate peer-to-peer and cross-sector gatherings to promote best practices and identify areas for water management reforms.


We provide outreach, media, and storytelling opportunities to highlight corporate water stewardship.


We customize campaigns to engage customers and the public in shrinking society’s water footprint while raising water awareness and action.

For details on all of these aspects of the new Business of Water Stewardship platform and more please visit www.businessforwater.org.

Please follow us on social media:
Twitter @bwstewardship
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Businessforwater

Are the same people still involved?
Yes, we are all still here, but we do have new email addresses:

Craig Mackey
Business for Water Stewardship
Policy Director

Ann Tartre
Business for Water Stewardship
Business Engagement Director

Molly Mugglestone
Business for Water Stewardship
Communications & Colorado Policy Director

Nicole Gonzalez Patterson
Business for Water Stewardship
Arizona and Nevada Director