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Our businesses rely on the Colorado River system. By signing the endorsement below you will be joining a network of over 1,100 businesses that support healthy flows for the economic vitality these rivers provide.

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Yes! As a business leader, I support a healthy and flowing Colorado River and you can add my company to the list of businesses in the Protect the Flows network. Furthermore, I am willing to sign the following statement.

Endorsement Statement The contributions of the Colorado River and tributaries to the Southwest’s business and industry sectors are important, since they generate tens of billions of dollars in economic activity annually and hundreds of thousands of jobs. These economic and community benefits from healthy rivers should be included in any decisions on the future of the river. We believe that keeping the water in the Colorado River and its tributaries flowing will safeguard businesses, enhance quality of life, and promote the recreation and tourism economies in the seven states through which they run. Therefore, we support cost-effective, common-sense solutions to protect the Colorado River, focusing especially on proven conservation measures to reduce water use.

By providing your name and information you are joining a network of over 1,100 businesses that support healthy flows for the economic vitality the rivers provide. By signing you will receive periodic emails and requests to take action on the Colorado River, along with these benefits. The network is not asking for financial support, we simply bring the voice of businesses like yours to decision makers. Download a copy of the endorsement statement here.

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Business of Water Summit

This March 30-31 Protect the Flows, Change the Course and senior executives from leading companies, water & power utilities and dignitaries gathered for the third Business of Water summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

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ASU Study on Economics of the River

New study from Arizona State University reveals that hanging in the balance of the health of the Colorado River system are more than $1.4 trillion in economic activity, $871 billion in wages, and 16 million jobs.

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