Business of Water Summit 2014

Southern Nevada Water Authority, NV Energy, Caesars Entertainment, Cirque du Soleil, Protect the Flows, Nuestro Rio and Special Guest U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hosted the Business of Water Summit 2.0 this August 28-29 in Las Vegas.  The event was a corporate leaders' summit on water sustainability and the economy.


Business of Water 2.0 held in Las Vegas Aug 28-29


The 2nd Annual Business of Water Summit was held in Las Vegas August 28-29, 2014. The event was designed to be an opportunity for businesses, water utilities, decision makers and NGOs to network on and discuss issues of water sustainability and stewardship. READ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY HERE. 

You can see a FINAL SUMMIT AGENDA HERE -speakers included: U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Pat Mulroy- Senior Fellow with Brookings Institute Mountain West & Desert Research Institute, Jim Lochhead- CEO of Denver Water, John Enstminger- General Manager of Southern Nevada Water Authority, Jeff Kightlinger- General Manager of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Pamela Pickard- Board President of Central Arizona Project, Donald Colvin- Chief Financial Officer of Ceasars Entertainment, Bruce Karas- VP for Environment and Sustainability for Coca Cola.



Click on Playlist below to watch interviews and speeches from the summit including U.S. Senate Majority Harry Reid, Jim Lochhead- Denver Water, Paul Schuler- GE, Glenn Hamer- AZ Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Donald Colvin- Caesars Entertainment, Larry Simon- Pardee Homes, Anne Castle- Department of Interior, and Pat Mulroy- Brookings Institute and Desert Research Institute.


Media Press Release

Day One- August 28, 2014 

Advance Q&A with Denver Water’s Jim Lochhead in Las Vegas Sun

Denver Business Journal covered Lochhead LV Sun interview

First Associated Press Story 

KTNV 13 Action News Interview with Pat Mulroy 

Day Two- August 29, 2014

Las Vegas Sun Photo Gallery 

Updated AP story, covering Assistant Secretary Anne Castle's remarks 

Final AP story covering Senator Reid's remarks 

KNPR: Pre-Summit 

KNPR: Post-Summit 


KSNV-TV News 3

KSNV-TV News 3 Ralston Reports - Marco Rauda/Nuestro Rio

Beverage World 

Golf News Net 

Post Summit Coverage

The Hill- Guest Op/Ed by Jon Freedman, Global Government Affairs Leader for GE Water & Process Technologies- Congress Needed on Water, Power.

Greenbiz summary blog post: Caesars' water leadership doesn't stay in Vegas

Las Vegas Sun Photo Gallery from Desert Adventures Kayaking trip- summit participants were invited to kayak the Colorado River on Saturday after the summit.0909_sun_kayak_009_t6530909_sun_kayak_010_t653

Photo credit: Las Vegas Sun

Thank you to all of the people who used social media to converse about the summit. You can see the feeds here: @Protectflows and #businessofwater on Twitter.

For resources, reports and other reading on these topics please visit our Resources Page. 



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